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Digital Marketing & Strategy

Forging new paths for your business needs

Having the combination of digital marketing and analytics skills gives me an appreciation for determining client needs. I enjoy crafting services that draw the right attention and people to your brand.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has provided me with an appreciation for determining client needs and crafting services that draw the right attention and people to their brand. It is what we can do with the tools at our disposal to help your brand reach its intended audience in the most direct and cost effective way.

RED Academy

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy

December 2015




Google Analytics Certification, 2015
Google AdWords Certification, 2015
Hootsuite Certified Professional, 2015


Digital Marketing & Brand Strategies
Google Analytics & Tag Manager
Google AdWords & Display Network
Social Media Management, Advertising, & Analytics
Email Marketing & Strategy
Website Content Development
WordPress & Shopify
Copywriting & Blogging


Digital Marketing

Shenasi Concept

Digital Marketing

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